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Maesil Syrup (500ml)

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This product is a handcrafted syrup made by fermenting Maesil fruit, which is a green Asian plum (a.k.a., Ume or Chin Meizi), with sugar.  It is also known as Maesil extract, Korean green plum extract, Maesil-cheong or Maesilaek.  This sweet and tart syrup is a staple ingredient in Asian cuisine, and is often used to make Maesil tea and other beverages.

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Vivian Lembo

Maesil Syrup bumped up my Bulgogi to a new level. Haven't tried it with any other dish, but I bet it will make them all taste just as good. I was surprised and delighted that it was not too sweet, but very pleasant tasting and just 2 ingredients; no additives in this product.

Dominic Stewart
Korean Pantry Staple

I've recently gotten into cooking more Korean dishes and the more food I make the more I find that maesil syrup is apart of the ingredient list. I've looked at a few different varieties and and this is the best one I've found for the price and ingredient list. I see why it is added to so many dishes as a little added sweet and acidic component.

So yummy!

This stuff is great. Takes me back to Korea. It tastes better than the kind from super markets. I really love it in sparkling water or in marinades. The packaging it was in ensured a safe delivery. Thank you!


Its so good!! Cant wait to try it on food, I have only had it for drinks.

Tiffany M Darcy
Best kept secret

My favorite YouTuber turned me on to Maesil Syrup and I’ll never look back. It makes my Asian food taste so much better. I ran out and had to make dinner without, it’s my friends favorite dish and she commented that it was missing something. I used it in place of sugar, syrup and honey in my favorite recipes, makes a world of difference!