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Maesil (Korean green plum) is a stone fruit available only for a short period of time during May/June every year.  The fruit is very sour to eat as is, so it is typically preserved to make Umeboshi, apricot liquor, syrup, and other food.  This fruit is also known as Ume (in Japanese), and it is a staple in Asian cuisine.

Shipping Notice: Once the maesil are available and in stock, we will ship them out. Pre-ordering your box of maesil will secure your box of maesil will be delivered to your door when the harvest is ready. Customers can expect shipment of maesil boxes to begin late May.

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Tricia Serviss
First time ordering maesil

I was very pleased with the quality of the maesil I received.

better than expected!

Maesil fruits are overall in very good condition. It's almost impossible to find fresh maesil fruit in the States. I'm very happy to find Maesilhood.
Would have been much better with shipping updates.

Hana Jun

The quality is superb!

Very Good Quality Plums

Ordered the large box this year and the quality of the plums were great! There were only about 5 or 6 plums out of the whole bunch that couldn't be used. I would definitely order again next year!

Caroline Cho
Not bad

I was expecting more green fruit than I got for the purpose that I needed them for. Maybe an option for that would help. I’ve purchased green walnuts and they let you choose smaller or larger depending on what you want them for.

More were bruised than I expected but I think that’s due to usps using the box as a soccer ball.