Our Story

Every unique craft has a story.

Pink and white apricot tree blossoms before harvest of green maesil apricots
Maesilhood, LLC is a family-owned business located in Southern California, sourcing locally grown Maesil and making handcrafted Maesil-based products.  We strive to connect communities through food, one neighborhood at a time.

We brainstormed and played around with innumerable amounts of potential business names, including “U+me,” “Umedrop,” etc. but we landed on “Maesilhood” for a variety of reasons.  Well, a bunch of the names we wanted were taken but more importantly, we wanted the name to include Maesil, which is how my family refers to the fruit, and we combined it with the word “neighborhood.”

And that’s how Maesilhood was born. Welcome to the community.



Green apricot tree blossoms before harvest of maesil apricots

General FAQ

Where is the farm located?

Our farm is located in Phelan, CA. It is surrounded by dirt roads and awesome neighbors!


Is the farm open to the public?

Unfortunately, at this time, the farm is not open to the public but we will absolutely consider that as an option in the future.


Can we find your products in retail stores?

We are officially launching our company as of April, 2020 in the midst of COVID-19.  We had planned to begin working with retailers later in the year but we are modifying our next steps.  At this time, we are proceeding with online orders within the United States, and looking to expand to physical locations at a later time.